The End of the Manual Tester

(and what you should do to keep your job)


Over the past few years, I’ve talked a lot about manual testing changing.

I see it in every company that I work for.

I hear about it from every recruiter that I talk to.

In short, the manual tester jobs are becoming rare today.

This is because many companies are using test automation or have developers and business users do testing work.

Manual testing is no longer the great place where you could make good money having limited or no skills.

It was this way 10 years ago but it is changing rapidly.

As many recruiters told me again and again:

"Few companies hire manual testers with no programming experience."

Here’s the thing: I’ve been told many times by hiring managers and by recruiters that they dont want manual testers any longer.

They want instead manual testers with programming and test automation skills.

So, I want to help manual testers start improving and diversifying their skills.

The very good testers are rare on any market.

Most manual testers don't do much about improving their knowledge.

They assume that, because they had a good job in the past, they will continue to have one in the future.

Today, I don’t want to focus on the past.

Instead, I want to tell you what you can do to keep your job. Because I have a great solution.

If you want a job that pays much more than a manual tester, you will love this.

If you want to start a new career (as a developer), this is going to be great for you.

If you want a more satisfying testing job, please pay attention.

This is the solution to improving your professional testing career…


Learn Test Automation with SELENIUM WEBDRIVER and JAVA with your OWN INSTRUCTOR

This is a course created by a manual tester (me) for other manual testers that want to get started with programming and test automation.

It is designed especially for manual testers that do not have any experience with test automation and programming.

It is delivered online (by email, blog articles and skype).

Full support is provided during and after the course.

The course materials are yours to keep.

The course is different than other online courses in MANY WAYS.

#1 There are only 2 people involved: you and me.

There are no groups of students.

You can ask as many questions as you like.

I can explain the same topic more than once if needed.

The course pace can be higher or slower.

Because I work separately with each student.

This is the best way I can train manual testers.

By providing individual attention to each.

Working with 1 student only provides other advantages.

For example, we can be sometimes flexible about when a lesson happens if the student is very busy.

Or the course can also be tailored to the student's needs.

#2 The course is very hands on.

The course is 100% practical.

It is focused on writing Java code that uses the Selenium WebDriver framework.

You will not learn anything about record-and-play as this is not test automation.

For each lesson, you will get plenty of exercises to do as homework.

I will review each of them and provide feedback and suggestions for improvement.

For each topic, we will keep working on as many exercises as needed to understand the topic well.

We will not move to the next lesson until this happens.

#3 Low cost

The course teaches both Java and Selenium WebDriver.

And you study with your own trainer.

Typical online courses require you to watch videos and then try exercises by yourself.

If you have any questions and problems, you have to figure them out.

For this course, you work with your own trainer.

You get help any time you need it.

You are guided constantly so that you only go on the correct path.

You get feedback and suggestions for doing things better.

You get all these for just USD 300.

#4 Flexible payment

You have full flexibility on how the payment is done.

You can pay for the whole course.

Or pay for 5 lessons initially and pay for 5 more later (if you want to continue).

You can even pay lesson by lesson.

The payment can be done by PAYPAL transfer to

#5 You learn in 10 lessons everything you need for test automation with SELENIUM

The reason why many manual testers do not start learning test automation is because there are so many things involved:

  • JAVA
  • HTML and CSS
  • Unit testing (JUNIT)
  • Browser DOM

So many things and each quite big.

Take Java for example.

There are hundreds of classes and packages in Java.

It would take a very long time to learn them all and by the time you finish, you will probably not remember much.

The same can be said about the Selenium WebDriver framework.

This is why in this course the focus is not to learn everything about Java or Selenium.

Instead, you will learn only what is needed so that you start creating your own test automation scripts.

For example, in this course, you’ll learn:

  • How Browsers Work
  • What is the Browser DOM
  • How to create Elements Locators
    You will learn how to create element locators using both XPATH and CSS.
  • JAVA Basics
    Variables, IF/ELSE, Strings, SWITCH, arrays, FOR, WHILE, lists
    How to use most common classes and interfaces: WebDriver, WebElement, By, Select, WebDriverWait
  • How to synchronize test scripts with the website
    Using Explicit Waits and ExpectedConditions
  • Unit Testing with JUNIT
    Learn about unit tests, test classes, test suites, assertions, categories, parameters.
  • Create Your Own Classes
  • Page Object Model
    Structure your test automation scripts using classes and the Page Object Model

You can find on the following link the details of all topics covered: course curriculum

This course was created especially for manual testers. It has helped many manual testers to learn test automation so that they can use automation in their day-to-day work.

Some of them moved, after completing the course, from manual testing to test automation.

See below opinions of some manual testers that completed the course


    Very good course for people with no programming experience.

    It requires some self learning but, if something is not clear, you can always ask the teacher and get the answer quite quickly.

    I got a lot from the lessons and will definitely recommend the course to my friends.


    I liked the pace of the course, once a week on Sunday was perfect for me.

    I would love to continue learning test automation with you in the future.

  • TED

    The classes are excellent and the instructor very helpful.

    I recommend the course to anyone interested in learning test automation.


    Your course if fruitful for me.

    The way you present the course is great.

    Being a manual tester, I always said NO to test automation as I was worried that I cannot write code.

    I am confident now that I can do it.

Need More Reasons Why You Should Take The Course?

Let's have a look at trends from the job search site,

We will use "manual testing" and "functional testing" as keywords.

Both trends show a clear and steep descent.

What is the solution then for keeping and improving your job?

You need to work on your skills.

You need to learn new skills.

You need to improve your existing skills.

Because, as Connor McGregor (mixed martial arts fighter) puts it,

"Right now, I am focusing on my skills.

Because the skills is what pays the bills"

Interested in joining?

Email me at and I will send you additional course information.